To The World Inc.



A nonprofit organization practicing shoestring philanthropy for kids who need us.

To The World Inc.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization practicing shoestring philanthropy for those who need us

To the World Inc. is all about dignity

To The World Inc. is a small, non-profit. It's local, and it is hands-on. It is a group of neighbors and friends looking for grassroots projects they can do to help those who need them. Because we care about community process, we want our work to be personal; we want our thanks to be personal, too.

We love children who often live in poverty.  They are sometimes cold and hungry when they shouldn't be. Their lives are often isolated and segregated. They may live in neighborhoods where 8 homicides and 20 drive-by shootings happen each month. They need help learning how to learn.  They are children who need adults to do for them what only adults can do for them: make their world safer, more enriched, more integrated and more hopeful.

So, our mission is simple: to find ways BIG and small to care.

We have focused a great deal of our attention on the elementary school children in the Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) since it is in our backyard. If you are from Kansas City, you know our schools need help for lots of reasons. And while we obviously can't write policy or solve problems from the top down, we decided we could find ways to get involved regardless of whether our kids went to the KCPS school district or not.

One of our goals has been to find ways to be both supportive to teachers and helpful to children. We want to enrich the classroom community, and we do that by giving time and money -- by doing deeds, sharing kind words and giving affection.

These are some of the ways we have practiced what we call shoestring philanthropy:

  • We have helped teachers organize holidays and birthday parties.
  • We have bought sweatshirts for a classroom of kindergartners.
  • We have provided thousands and thousands of snacks.
  • We have friends who bake cookies weekly.
  • We have helped teachers with supplies when they need them.
  • We have raised money for special outings for a classroom of happy children.
  • We have had local nurses make Christmas stockings full of joy for 40 sweetpeas.
  • We have people, young and old, who have become pen pals to young kids learning to  read and write.
  • We have "adopted" classrooms and spent time weekly being part of a wonderful community of young learners.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Explore our site and see how you can get involved. Click donations to join us.

Art by some of the darling children we know

Thanks Mary B. for all the books. Our homeless men love to read. April 2017
Thanks Bonnie for some important basics for our homeless community. April 2017

For the food pantry for our homeless men downtown thanks to Sharon and Diane Cassity

Love and gratitude

We bought 100s of canned goods for a local food pantry.  Thank you CRD we are so grateful

 Oct 2016

Kate Moore and Kelly Ludden designed these as gifts to our community.  One went to our friends downtown  Who wouldn't think that was great?
Fall 2016 Take a look at our wonderful LittleFreeLibrarys we have had artists decorate them before we find them homes and they have turned out beautiful

Because of our young friend Keanu Sorbelli we were able to feed over 50 people breakfast last week.  Who wouldn't think that was great?

Happy Spring April 2016

Fall Thank yous:)